Safety catalog.

A modular and expandable system

Each element of the EYE-TRACK system is designed to be a protection and not an obstacle on the track. Everything is made of soft protective materials in case of impact with a pilot.

You can install EYE-TRACK on your track by choosing, at the beginning, to operate it manually, using one or more flashing lights which are remote-controlled by an operator that is visually monitoring the track.
At a later stage you can decide to add one or more sensors that in the event of danger automatically switch the flashing light, which is connected to them, on.
If you want, you can also add the videosurveillance system. At any time, you can increase the quantity of covered blind spots by simply installing additional flashing lights and sensors.
For the manual mode of operation, you only need one or more remote-controlled flashing lights and only one remote control to manage up to eight flashing lights.

For the automatic mode of operation, you need:

– one or more EYE-TRACK sensors, each of them placed at a blind spot of the track

– a power supply for each sensor (110/220V power grid, solar or battery)

– one or more wired or wireless flashing lights, connected to sensors

– an EYE-TRACK router to manage the system through the EYE-TRACK app and allowing the EYE-TRACK Service Centre to set up sensors and do their maintenance

For the automatic mode of operation with videosurveillance, you need a station with a monitor to view images of the track in real time and an emergency button to switch flashing lights on.